One platform for your advanced fleet management.

Many vehicles, many features, one fleet, one control tower.

Phleet: The management software

Phleet provides an intuitive and efficient tool to support companies in their fleet management in a easy and quick way.

With Phleet, you will be able to monitor your fleet position and movements, analyze the driving behavior of your operators, manage maintenances of your fleet and examine your vehicle performance.

"Phleet has been a great surprise. It’s very easy to use and no software needs to be installed, it's all on the web platform! So I just have to login and I can access my fleet details everywhere at any time!"

Real time tracking

Phleet is based on instant messages sent by the device installed on board. The device senses a set of parameters related to vehicle status and movements and constantly sends Phleet data with less than one minute time interval between consecutive messages!
According to such data, Phleet updates vehicle current position and reconstructs vehicle routes.

In order to offer you a complete overview of your fleet, Phleet provides a full screen map with your fleet current position. At a glance, you will see if your vehicles are moving and where they are.

"I really appreciate Phleet support for maintenance management. It's a very flexible tool which let me set different maintenance schedules for each vehicle. The alerts I receive when a deadline is approaching saved me so many times!"

Fleet Maintenance Manager - Waste Management Company.

Go further!

Phleet shows you real time data about vehicle status and movements, but that's not all of it.

Phleet supports you all along your fleet management tasks. It stores vehicle routes, it provides statistics about your fleet performance and vehicle usage, it helps you easily schedule maintenances and sends you reminders in order to never be caught unprepared with deadlines!

"The feature I like the most about Phleet is the alerts I receive when my drivers exceed speed and acceleration thresholds! We transport medical devices, hence hard brakings and high accelerations can seriously damage our products."

More Features

Phleet Maintenance

Phleet Maintenance makes it easy to see when an automobile, truck, or other piece of equipment is due for service. Automated preventive maintenance (PM) alerts will automatically display on ePhleet site. You will know immediately where your fleet stands at any given time. Phleet Maintenance is fully configurable by customers, which can easily create their own list of maintenance and set their own maintenance schedules based on the tracking requirements of their fleet.
If your maintenance list contains an high number of inspections, you need an easy and powerful system to verify and check inspections and to alert you about the next maintenance to do, before its deadline. Phleet is the best solution ever made for maintenance management.

Everything in your hands

For each asset, you can set specific parameters. Phleet controls in real time all these parameters to ensure driver’s safety and to inform about asset status. Speeding, sudden braking, accidents, time and number of stops, fuel consumption, and many others parameters are continuously monitored.

One customized dashboard for each customer

Phleet dashboard is called ePhleet. ePhleet lets customers configure their own dashboard, which is the central hub able to bring clarity to massive amount of data. In ePhleet, customers are free to personalize the dashboard design and set parameters according to their requirements, such as on-time/late arrivals, idling time, speeding, maintenance alerts, and more.

Phleet: automated reports

Phleet offers a flexible reporting engine with a full suite of reports. You can run reports by vehicle, fleet, driver or route. All reports are presented in an easy-to-read format that can be saved as PDF, or sent automatically to one or more recipients.


Phleet will be fully integrated with your existing systems, also called legacy systems. Thanks to this integration, Phleet will automatically get data and information about your vehicle details and your maintenance management. This will avoid duplicated data, mistakes and manual data entry.


Phleet: One platform, many functionalities.

Real time tracking
Driving style evaluation
Fuel consumption
Maintenance management
Fleet performance evaluation
Track details
Two-ways communication
Statistical Analysis

Phleet: One system, three main components

T-Box Magneti Marelli’s Telematic Box
ePhleet: The Phleet Web-based Platform
Phleet Mobile Apps

Magneti Marelli's Telematic Box

The device we select for our solution is the Magneti Marelli’s telematic box, state of the art in satellite and communication technology. This telematic box is an electronic control unit that incorporates a phone module for the connection to 4G communication networks, a module for vehicle “multi-constellation” satellite localization (GPS, Galileo, Glonass systems), a 3D accelerometer to detect acceleration and braking parameters, and key signal.

This device is compliant with the European legislation about eCall technology, made mandatory by the European Parliament by 2018.

Furthermore, its small size allows you to install it on any type of land and sea vehicles.


Designed for reliability and ease-of-use, ePhleet is our web-based platform and your access to real time vehicle tracking and asset management. It allows you to know where your vehicles are at all times, giving you the power to make informed decisions with a quick glance. It is characterized by responsive, intuitive and attractive design.

Main features:

  • view vehicles position in a unique map
  • access to vehicle details and routes
  • monitor driver productivity
  • monitor driver driving style in real-time
  • view maps and essential charts
  • download detailed reports
  • manage vehicle maintenance

Phleet Mobile Apps

Designed specifically for both Android and iOS devices (tablets and smartphones), Phleet Mobile Apps allow the communication between managers and drivers. Phleet Apps allow you to stay connected to your workers through instant two-way messaging, improve efficiency with real time fleet management and keep drivers compliant with commercial navigation.

Main functionalities:

  • driver authentication: when a driver boards a vehicle, an authentication will be required in order to let you know which vehicle the driver is driving.
  • driving behavior monitoring: Phleet allows you to analyze the driving behavior of each driver by monitoring the average speed, the maximum speed and how often the speed and acceleration thresholds are exceeded.
  • 2-way communication: drivers will be able to communicate with your company via their mobile device.


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